The Influence of Soils on Human Health

Introduction Soils are important for human health in a number of ways. Approximately 78% of the average per capita calorie consumption worldwide comes from crops grown directly in soil, and another nearly 20% comes from terrestrial food sources that rely indirectly on soil (Brevik 2013a). Soils are also a major source of nutrients, and they act as natural filters to remove contaminants from water. However, soils may contain heavy metals, chemicals, or pathogens that have the potential to negatively impact human health. This article will summarize some of the more important and direct relationships between soils and human health.


The Soil Biota

A 'biological universe' exists in a gram of soil. Find out how the soil biota within this tiny universe transform energy, create and modify their habitat, influence soil health, and aid in the regulation of greenhouse gases.

Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture has changed dramatically since the end of World War II. Food and fiber productivity has soared due to new technologies, mechanization, increased chemical use, specialization, and government policies that favored maximizing production and reducing food prices. These changes have allowed fewer farmers to produce more food and fiber at lower prices.

History of Agricultural Biotechnology: How Crop Development has Evolved

​ Have you ever wondered where our agricultural crops come from? And what were they like thousands of years ago, or hundreds of years ago? Our food crops today are in fact very different from the original wild plants from which they were derived. About 10,000 years BC, people harvested their food from the natural … Continue reading History of Agricultural Biotechnology: How Crop Development has Evolved

GLOBAL FOREST WATCH – 2017 SMALL GRANTS FUND Agribusiness Global ( shared: The Small Grants Fund seeks to promote uptake of Global Forest Watch by civil society organizations to use in their research, advocacy, and fieldwork. The fund provides grants between US$10,000 and US$40,000 and technical support to civil society organizations for project implementation. Additionally, grant recipients have the opportunity to form … Continue reading GLOBAL FOREST WATCH – 2017 SMALL GRANTS FUND

Soil Minerals and Plant Nutrition

How do chemical reactions involving soil minerals play a crucial role in controlling the availability of essential plant nutrients? All plants require 17 elements to complete their life cycle, and an additional four elements have been identified as essential for some plants (Havlin et al. 2005). With the exception of C, H, and O, which plants obtain … Continue reading Soil Minerals and Plant Nutrition